Latest 10 Albums of Zinoleesky Singer

Zinoleesky, born Oniyide Azeez, is a prominent Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper. Known for his dynamic sound and captivating lyrics, Zinoleesky has made a significant impact in the music industry. Here are detailed insights into his latest ten albums:


Released in 2024, Element by Lekaa Beats features Zinoleesky prominently. The album blends Afrobeat with contemporary rhythms. Tracks on the album are characterized by energetic beats and catchy hooks. Zinoleesky’s contribution adds a unique flair to the project, making it a standout release.

Sunny Ade

Sunny Ade, released in 2024, showcases Zinoleesky’s versatility. The album pays homage to the legendary Nigerian musician King Sunny Ade. It combines traditional sounds with modern production techniques. Zinoleesky’s smooth vocals and lyrical prowess shine throughout the album.

Party No Dey Stop (Major League Djz and Omit ST Remix)

This 2023 release is a remix of Adekunle Gold’s hit track. Zinoleesky’s feature on this remix brings a fresh perspective to the song. The album is a blend of Afrobeat and Amapiano, creating an infectious dance rhythm. Zinoleesky’s energetic delivery enhances the track’s appeal.

When It Blooms

When It Blooms, released in 2023, features Zinoleesky collaborating with Nonso Amadi. The album explores themes of love and growth. Zinoleesky’s contributions add depth to the project. His emotive delivery and lyrical insights complement Nonso Amadi’s soulful sound. :  Arijit Singh Best Songs All Time: Melodies That Touch the Soul

Grit & Lust

Released in 2022, Grit & Lust is one of Zinoleesky’s notable albums. It features a mix of Afrobeat, R&B, and hip-hop. The album includes hit tracks like “Kilofeshe” and “Ma Pariwo”. Zinoleesky’s lyrical content ranges from personal struggles to celebrations of success.

Best of Zinoleesky

Best of Zinoleesky, also released in 2022, is a compilation of his greatest hits. The album features popular tracks from his previous releases. It serves as a showcase of his musical journey. Fans can enjoy a collection of Zinoleesky’s most impactful songs in one album.

7 Days (feat. Zinoleesky)

This 2022 album features Zinoleesky on a track by D Chriz. The song “7 Days” highlights Zinoleesky’s unique style. His verses add a dynamic element to the track. The collaboration results in a catchy and memorable song.

Body Pass

Released in 2022, Body Pass features Zinoleesky collaborating with Blessinboi. The album includes upbeat and danceable tracks. Zinoleesky’s contribution to the project brings a vibrant energy. His catchy hooks and engaging lyrics make the album stand out.

Chrome Eccentric

Chrome Eccentric is Zinoleesky’s debut album. Released in 2020, it features hit tracks like “Ma Pariwo” and “Kilofeshe”. The album blends Afrobeat with contemporary sounds. It marks the beginning of Zinoleesky’s rise to fame.

Grit & Lust (Deluxe)

This deluxe edition of Grit & Lust includes additional tracks. Released in 2023, it offers fans more content from Zinoleesky. The deluxe version features new collaborations and remixes. It adds more depth and variety to the original album.

Zinoleesky’s latest albums highlight his growth as an artist. Each album showcases his ability to blend different genres and collaborate with diverse artists. His unique style and lyrical content continue to captivate audiences. :  Victony's Latest 10 Albums: A Sonic Voyage Through Afrobeats Brilliance