Latest 10 Albums of Rema Singer

Rema, born Divine Ikubor, has quickly become one of Nigeria’s leading musical talents. Since gaining recognition with his 2019 hit “Dumebi”, Rema has consistently delivered chart-topping albums. Below are detailed insights into the latest ten albums by Rema:

Rave & Roses

Released in 2022, Rave & Roses is Rema’s debut studio album. It features a mix of Afrobeats, trap, and Afrorave. Tracks like “Soundgasm” and “Bounce” became instant hits. The album explores themes of love, desire, and personal growth. Rema’s versatile vocal range and innovative production make this album a standout.

Rave & Roses (Deluxe)

The deluxe edition of Rave & Roses, released in 2023, includes additional tracks. This version offers fans more content and showcases Rema’s growth. New songs like “Calm Down” and “Woman” highlight his ability to blend different genres. The deluxe edition provides a richer listening experience.


Soundgasm is an EP released in 2021. It features the title track “Soundgasm”, which became a viral hit. The EP blends sensual lyrics with catchy beats. Rema’s smooth vocals and captivating production are evident throughout. Soundgasm showcases his ability to create engaging and memorable music.

Bad Commando

Released in 2019, Bad Commando is an EP that helped establish Rema’s presence in the music industry. Tracks like “Lady” and “Rewind” gained significant traction. The EP’s mix of Afrobeats and trap showcases Rema’s unique sound. Bad Commando highlights his lyrical prowess and innovative production. :  Latest 10 Albums of Omah Lay Singer

Freestyle EP

Freestyle EP, released in 2019, features a collection of Rema’s freestyle tracks. Songs like “Trap Out The Submarine” and “American Love” stand out. The EP showcases his versatility and ability to experiment with different sounds. Freestyle EP is a testament to Rema’s creative genius.


Dumebi, released as a single in 2019, became an instant hit. The song’s catchy melody and infectious beat made it a favorite. Dumebi helped propel Rema to international fame. The track’s success is due to its relatable lyrics and danceable rhythm. Dumebi remains one of Rema’s most iconic songs.


Alien, released as a single in 2020, explores themes of love and alienation. The song blends Afrobeats with trap influences. Rema’s emotive delivery and unique sound make Alien a standout track. The song’s introspective lyrics resonate with listeners.

Beamer (Bad Boys)

Released in 2020, Beamer (Bad Boys) is a collaboration with Rvssian. The song blends Afrobeats with Latin influences. Rema’s energetic delivery and catchy chorus make the track memorable. Beamer (Bad Boys) showcases his ability to create cross-genre hits.


Woman, released as a single in 2020, celebrates women and their strength. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it a hit. Rema’s vibrant delivery and engaging production are evident throughout. Woman highlights his ability to create empowering music.

Calm Down

Released in 2023, Calm Down is a track from the deluxe edition of Rave & Roses. The song explores themes of love and patience. Rema’s soothing vocals and mellow production make it a standout track. Calm Down showcases his lyrical depth and musical maturity. :  Top Ramdas Gondaliya Gujarati Bhajan Folk Music

Rema’s latest albums highlight his growth and versatility as an artist. Each album showcases his ability to blend different genres and create memorable music. His unique style and innovative production continue to captivate audiences.