Victony’s Latest 10 Albums: A Sonic Voyage Through Afrobeats Brilliance

Victony, born Anthony Ebuka Victor, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper. His music spans various genres, making him a versatile artist. Here is an overview of his latest ten albums:


Released in 2024, Stubborn is a collaboration with Asake. This album explores themes of resilience and determination. It features upbeat tracks that combine Afrobeat and Amapiano elements, creating a unique soundscape. The album’s energetic rhythm and catchy lyrics make it a standout in Victony’s discography.


Everything, released in 2024, showcases Victony’s versatility. This album blends Afrobeat, R&B, and hip-hop. It includes introspective lyrics about love, life, and personal growth. Victony’s smooth vocals and the album’s diverse sound make it a must-listen.


Deadly, a collaboration with Stefflon Don, came out in 2023. This album combines Afrobeat with dancehall influences. The tracks are dynamic and energetic, reflecting themes of confidence and empowerment. Stefflon Don’s contribution adds a unique flair to the album.

OHEMA (with Crayon & Bella Shmurda)

OHEMA, released in 2023, features collaborations with Crayon and Bella Shmurda. The album blends Afrobeat and Afro-fusion. It includes catchy hooks and vibrant melodies. The collaborative effort brings a rich diversity of sounds and styles to the album.

My Darling + Angelus

This 2023 release showcases Victony’s romantic side. My Darling + Angelus is a mix of love songs with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The album’s smooth production and Victony’s emotive vocals create a soothing listening experience. :  Friko's Debut Album Review: Fresh Faces, Big Sounds

Soweto (with Omah Lay & Tempoe)

Released in 2023, Soweto is a collaboration with Omah Lay and Tempoe. This album blends Afrobeat with contemporary R&B. The tracks explore themes of love and desire. The collaboration brings a fresh and modern sound to the album.

Soweto (with Don Toliver, Rema, and Tempoe)

This 2023 album features collaborations with Don Toliver, Rema, and Tempoe. It offers a remix of the original Soweto album. The additional artists bring new perspectives and styles, enhancing the album’s appeal. The remix version includes more dynamic and diverse tracks.


The original Soweto album, released in 2023, highlights Victony’s Afrobeat roots. The album features energetic and rhythmic tracks. Themes of love, joy, and celebration are prevalent. Soweto showcases Victony’s ability to create infectious and danceable music.

Soweto – Sped Up (with Don Toliver, Rema & Tempoe)

A sped-up version of Soweto was released in 2023. This album features faster tempos and remixed versions of the original tracks. The sped-up versions bring a fresh energy to the album, making it suitable for dance floors and parties.

XO (Victony Remix)

Released in 2022, XO is a remix album. Victony brings his unique style to the original tracks. The remix versions are infused with Afrobeat and contemporary sounds. XO showcases Victony’s ability to reinvent and refresh existing music.


Outlaw, released in 2022, features Victony’s signature Afrobeat style. The album includes tracks with powerful messages about breaking norms and challenging the status quo. The rebellious themes are matched with energetic and engaging music.


Margaret, a collaboration with Major League Djz, showcases Victony’s versatility. This album blends Afrobeat with Amapiano, creating a vibrant and rhythmic sound. The collaborative effort brings a new dimension to Victony’s music. :  Latest 10 Albums of Omah Lay Singer

Victony’s latest albums highlight his ability to blend different genres and collaborate with diverse artists. Each album offers a unique listening experience, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist.