Shilpi Raj – 30+ List Song Of Viral Video Queen of Bhojpuri Cinema

If You Know More About Shilpi Raj. Mp3 Juice Is Best Place For you. Shilpi Raj is one of the most talented singers in India. She has a variety of songs in her repertoire, including Pardesiya, Lagelu Jahar, Bas Kar Pagli, and Darad Uthela. The popularity of her songs has made her a viral video queen, with millions of views on YouTube.


Shilpi Raj’s leaked private video has created a stir on the internet. It shows the actress and her boyfriend in an objectionable position. Despite appeals from Shilpi to not share the video, it has been circulated online and has caused a huge uproar.

After the leaked MMS, Shilpi Raj has been in the news a lot for the Bhojpuri industry. She has now released a new music video, which has gone viral on social media. It has received over 232k views and 3k likes. Her fans have showered her with love and support.

Lagelu Jahar

The latest Bhojpuri song from Khesari Lal Yadav, the Bhojpuri superstar, has hit social media and is gaining a lot of popularity. The song has more than one lakh views in the first hour after its release on the YouTube channel of Balaji Records. The video features the dashing Khesari in the Dabangg avatar surrounded by bodyguards. Shilpi Raj and Khesari Lal Yada are featuring in the video, which is proving to be a viral hit. :  5 Up-and-Coming Graduate Singers in India You Need to Know About

The song is a romantic love song singer is Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj and was released on Saregama Hum Bhojpuri. It has received over 15,71,600 views and over 30K likes and is the current top trending Bhojpuri song.

Bas Kar Pagli

Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj is now a viral video queen, thanks to her stunning voice. She has sung the top songs from Bhojpuri cinema, including the hit song “Bas Kar Pagli”. The singer hails from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, and began her career as a child singer after taking music lessons from Ramanand Swami. Her first viral video appeared online in 2017 and has since been shared thousands of times.

The video is deleted from the internet, and Shilpi Raj has urged people to stop sharing it. The video was shared over TikTok, a social media site that has hundreds of videos. She has also asked fans to remove the video, so that her image and reputation will not be damaged.

The video shows Shilpi Raj in an inappropriate position with her lover, allegedly Vijay Chauhan. There is also a third person in the video. Vijay Chauhan is reportedly the person who leaked the video. The singer has appealed to people not to share the video, and she has asked them to delete it if they have shared it. Shilpi Raj has since issued a statement on her Facebook page, saying the video belongs to her, and that someone with ill intentions had leaked it.

Darad Uthela

Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj have recently collaborated in a new romantic song. The song, ‘Darad Uthela’, was written by Paresh Pardesi and directed by Pawan Pal. The video features both actors and actresses singing. :  Best Arijit Singh Songs 50+ Lists [Updated]

Akhiya Ke Kajra Jhagra Kara Dele Ba

Shilpi Raj is an Indian singer who is popular in the Bhojpuri music industry. She is 20 years old and belongs to a poor family. She studied music for two years and later moved on to sing for movies. Shilpi Raj is also an excellent cook and cooks both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Her first singing gig was in a video by Sameer Sawan and she lent her voice to Bhojpuri songs Bol Ka Bhaw Ba Tohara Lichi Ke Ho.

Shilpi Raj has become one of the most popular singers in the industry in a short span of time. She has sung several songs for different movies and is now creating a storm with her viral videos. Her videos are not only hilarious but are also full of dances.

Hamke Dulhin Banala

Shilpi Raj is back with her latest viral video “Humke Dulhin Banala 2.” The new music video features the talented Shilpi Raj singing a new number. The song has become a viral hit, and fans are loving it. The video also features Pallavi Giri and Neelam Giri.

Reliya Re

The viral video queen Shilpi Raj has made her debut in the world of Bhojpuri music by scoring the 9th position in the top music videos in India. The Bhojpuri film industry is a hotbed of viral videos and Shilpi Raj’s ‘Relia Re’ is one such example. The song was shot on the actress Shweta Mahara and made its way to the top of the Bhojpuri film World Records. :  30+ Top Songs Nora Fatehi Lists [Updated]

The video has over 15 million views and over 30K likes. This makes it the top trending Bhojpuri song. The song is an emotional one, which connects with the audience. Shilpi’s enthralling performance has helped make the video viral.

Do Ghoont

The latest video of Shilpi Raj’s Do Ghoont has become one of the most popular songs on YouTube. The Bhojpuri singer and viral video queen showed off her dance moves as she shook her legs along with actor-singer Khesari Lal Yadav. The video has gathered over seven million views and is trending at number 11 on YouTube. It was directed by Bibhanshu Tiwari and the song was composed by Shubham Raj.

The Bhojpuri singer made her debut as a singer in the year 2017. She has collaborated with popular artists and Bhojpuri actors to release her first single. Shilpi Raj hails from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, and has three sisters and one brother. She has also claimed that her former manager Vivek Patel has assaulted her.

While the video is popular, some have criticized the actress. The singer is not only hot but also bold. In ‘Do Ghoont,’ Shilpi raps about the power of love. Shilpi’s looks make her one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood, so it’s no surprise that the song is a hit on YouTube.

Best Shilpi Raj Songs List

No.Shilpi Raj Song TitleYearMovie/Album
1Hamra Se Dalwala Ae Bhauji2017
2Bhatar Ba Mauga2018
3Marad Abhi Bacha Ba2018
4Bhatar Ko Bhi Bhul Jaogi2018
5Tohar Hothawa Ke Lipistic2019
636 Aayengi 36 Jayengi2019
7Saiyan Chodoge To Roti Paka Dungi2019
8Humra Se Badhkar Kaun2019
9Tere Baare Me Na Sochu2019
10Sutala Tani Kora Me2019
11Bhatar Ke Holi2020
12Chumma Lem Chus Bhojpuriya Me2020
13Jai Shree Ram2020
14Gori Tohar Pyar Me2020
15Dhake Maar Ke2020
16Tani Khaye Da Ye Rajaji2020
17Shyam Sundar Bansi Bajaiya2020
18Bhatar Hili Maar Deli2020
19Tani Chus Dele Holi Me2021
20Bajrang Bali2021
21Kajali Lagal Ba2021
22Aa Jaibu Aa Sajanwa2021
23Rowta Jharkhand2021
24Bhaiyaji Ke Sister2021
25Goriya Tohar Haradiya