Top 10 Must-Listen Songs of Ramdas Gondaliya

Ramdas Gondaliya is one of the exceptional performers and singers available today who can add flair and value to any show or event with his performance. His fees are reasonable, making sure he brings joyous entertainment for an affordable cost. Mp3juice is Best Place Of Music Awareness Platform.

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1. Triguni Toraniya Bndhavo

Poetry fans must know of Ramdas Gondaliya. His poems capture life through words and can bring peace into our world by reminding people to wake up from sleep with its beautiful poetry.

He is an uncompromising feminist who stands firmly for gender equality. He composes poems on various topics related to female issues and cites examples such as Rani Lakshmi Bai, Nirbhaya and Daruka to demonstrate just how powerful women can be.

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2. TraoBharthariBhalene

The story of a woman is one of contrast and emotions; madly passionate behind civilized veneer, she fights a silent war for dominance with every move made toward dominance forever ensuing.

Ramdas Gondaliya is an accomplished singer-achiever who can bring excitement and charm to any show. His captivating presence can appeal to audiences of all ages.

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3. Fakir Bhaya Raja

Ramdas Gondaliya is an outstanding singer-achiever who can bring excitement and delight to any event, be it corporate, college or wedding-related. Offering his services at competitive rates he guarantees an unforgettable show experience!

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4. Zalar Vagene Valo Hari Ras Gay

Ramdas Gondaliya’s songs have provided women all over the world with inspiration. His unique way of writing can make you believe in the beauty of human soul and his words have a way of awakening people’s minds around him.

He is an enthusiastic singer-achiever who will add excitement and entertainment to your show, whether it be wedding or college events. His charismatic persona can enthrall any audience regardless of age.

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5. Amar Var ni Chundadi

Women and girls face daily abuses and jokes from masculine gazes; frozen as soft targets in epics; depicted as dolls in cinema; laughing at double entendres while crying over dual identities. A never-ending stream of unvoiced agonies. :  5 Up-and-Coming Graduate Singers in India You Need to Know About

She comes on Durgasaptami Amarvarni to seek justice for the blood of her daughters whose honor had been stolen away from them.

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6. Amar Var ni Chundadi Part 1

Listening to this song will transport you right back into nature – feel the sand beneath your feet, the breeze ruffling your hair and water splashing in your face! This song explores how we can connect with our natural world and find peace there. Manisha Manhas from Pathankot enjoys exploring forests or gazing upon night skies in search of nature’s heartbeat; poetry is her way of life and she writes simple yet meaningful poems as a form of expression.

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7. Amar Var ni Chundadi Part 2

Amar Varni Chundadi is an exquisite song that pays a fitting tribute to women, specifically their strength in standing strong against life’s obstacles and striving for their dreams. The lyrics of this song truly awe-inspiring and remind listeners about how essential it is to respect and love women.

Ramdas Gondaliya is an accomplished poet and singer-songwriter renowned for his poetry and songs. As an observer of life he attempts to understand it more through words; always looking for ways to awaken people’s awareness or cause them to think; writing to feel nature’s pulse while poetry heals people of any background – find his latest songs on Wynk Music to keep up-to-date! Happy listening! :  Best Arijit Singh Songs 50+ Lists [Updated]

8. Amar Var ni Chundadi Part 3

Ramdas Gondaliya can bring entertainment and relief from everyday stressors to any event, be it corporate meetings, wedding shows, college campus gatherings or parties of any sort. His energetic personality and exquisite singing talents will add extra charm and personality to your occasion – an excellent choice for corporate, wedding and college events alike!

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9. Amar Var ni Chundadi Part 4

Ramdas Gondaliya knows just how to entertain an audience – be it at a wedding show, corporate event or college fest. His charismatic and charming persona allow him to capture every listener with his songs and verses.

Manisha is an accomplished poet who believes in pouring her heart out through poetry and connecting to herself through words. She enjoys collecting memories and fragrances. Manisha believes in harnessing imagination for good as she writes to spread peace and love throughout her community.

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10. Sant Fakiri

Ramdas Gondaliya is an astounding musician and vocalist who will add zest and excitement to your event, whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate function or college function. His captivating presence and mellifluous voice will ensure an unforgettable performance at any occasion! Book him now to make sure it goes off perfectly.

He cries out for the daughters that are missing in this world, yet civilized veil keepers remain silent and watch. She unabashedly follows a tale of dominance unrestrained amidst caste orgies of sexual and violent orgies with gendered revenge being unleashed against their victims; her body, mind and psyche bear marks of abuse and pain while carrying with it an intense taste for death.